Thursday, 17 January 2013

Expect The Unexpected

          The night was silent. I was sitting on the couch, watching my favorite movie, the 13th ghost. The movie made me bite my own nails. I felt thirsty. So, I decided to walk to the kitchen to have a can of soda to quench off my thirst. On my way back to the living room, I heard something fell down from upstairs. I felt curious. My heart pounded very fast. I was all alone in the house and damn it is not funny. I went upstairs to see what was going on. As I arrived upstairs, I saw nothing. but when I turned back, my heart was in my mouth when I saw a person standing, near the window, inside my house.
          Wait, he looked familiar. Then, the person spoke "Do you remember me doctor? you failed to cure my disease  when I was five. Now I'm 25 and I'm still suffering." Then I remembered, it was Jack, a patient that i failed to cure 20 years ago. "I'm sorry Jack, I tried my best but I failed.  I regret my failure." I said. Then jack replied "I will never forgive you." He pulled out a gun and pointed it towards me. I was shocked. Before I could say anything, he fired a shot. The bullet hit me just below my ribs. I looked at Jack. I was speechless. The last thing I saw was Jack pointing the gun towards his head. Then I heard a loud gunshot. The pain was killing me. I could not breathe. Suddenly, everything went pitch black.

          A bright light awakened me. When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on my bed. It was 12.00 in the afternoon. Last night's dream was horrifying. But, it was too real to be a dream. I put those thoughts aside because it was only a dream. Then i realized, I was late for work! i took my bath and went downstairs. there was no breakfast prepared by my wife, Emily. Maybe she had left early in the morning. But that did not matter. I tried to start my car, but the engine did not work. So, i decided to walk to my office since it is not far from my house. 

          When i arrived at my office, I found that there was a file on top of my table with a note. It was written "Please help my son." I took the file and read it's contents. It was a file of another patient that I had to treat. I was still haunted by my failure to cure Jack, but that is my job as a psychologist. the new patient was Dennis. He was five. I spent a while to read Dennis's personal data. I took his address and went to his house.

         When I arrived at Dennis's house, I saw him sitting on a bench, at a playground, not far from his house, watching his friends playing football. I walked and sat beside him. He looked at me I smiled and said, "Hello there Dennis, how are you? I am Peter, your new doctor." He pulled his face and said "I don't need a doctor." "your mom requested for my help. She wrote in this letter saying that you had been talking to yourself lately. This is serious. Dennis." I replied. Dennis kept being silent. "Come on, follow me. Let's buy an ice-cream." Dennis followed my orders. We walked along the busy street.

          On our way to the Baskin Robbins, I managed to ask him a few questions. Dennis told me that he had some family issues. But i could see in his eyes that he was hiding something. Dennis ordered a vanilla flavored ice-cream. I reached my back pocket but I could not find my wallet. That's strange, I always had my wallet in my back pocket. Maybe I misplaced it. Dennis used his own money instead. We sat at a table near the window. Then Dennis spoke, "Nobody will understand me, nobody can help me, nobody will believe me." "I am a psychologist, I am sure that i can help you with your problems." I replied. Dennis shook his head and continued eating his ice-cream. I sighed. During the journey back to Dennis's home, the both of us didn't talk at all. When we arrived, Dennis thanked me and ran into his house. He slammed the door shut. i looked at him disappearing from my sight and determined to help this poor child, somehow.

          It was 9.00 p.m. Suddenly, I remembered something. it was my anniversary. I promised Emily to be at the finest restaurant in town by 8.00 p.m. Crap! I was terribly late. I ran as fast as i could. By the time I arrived at the restaurant, it was almost closed. I entered the restaurant, I saw Emily sitting alone at a table with a lit-up-candle. I walked towards Emily. She did not smiled. Then I said, "i am sorry Emily. I had some work to do." She didn't say a word. Then a waiter came and gave Emily the bill. She took the bill and said, "happy anniversary Peter." Then she left the restaurant. Since then, she had never spoken to me. 

          The next day, I had another appointment with Dennis. But when I arrived at his house, he was lying on his bed, looking very sick. He had a strong fever. He was alone in the house. his mother went to work. Then he spoke, "I will tell you my secret. But it is up to you to believe me or not." "What is it?" I replied. He took a deep breathe and said, "I can see ghosts. they walk around like normal people but they don't know that they are dead and they can only see what they want to see."

          It was hard for me to believe him but when i remembered what his mother wrote, i believed him. Then I said, "Dennis, are you sure? Maybe it's just your imagination." "No! they are real. I can prove it to you." He replied with a loud voice. Then I said "Alright, I trust you. Maybe the ghosts kept bothering you because they wanted your help." Dennis looked at me with fear.

          The next day, Dennis came to my office. I was surprised to see him. He came to me and whispered, "You've got to help me. I talked to a spirit last night and she wanted me to go to her house." After I had finished my work, Dennis and I walked to the house. There were a lot of people. Dennis went to a room and came out with a box. He gave the box to a man. The man, whom I assumed to be the dead girl's father opened the box and took out a video tape. He looked very surprised. He played the video tape in front of everyone. 

          The video showed how the girl died. She was poisoned by her own stepmother. I looked at Dennis and praised him for his courage. Suddenly, Dennis turned to the window and smiled. I looked outside but nobody was there. He turned to me and said, "The girl thanked you and me." Then we walked back to Dennis's house. On our way back, Dennis thanked me for helping him. I told him about my problem with Emily. Then he said, "I can help you. My mother told me that the only time that a person will surely hear to what we have to say is during their sleep. Try to talk to her while she is sleeping." I thanked Dennis. When we arrived, Dennis thanked me again and entered his house. I was happy because I could help him.

          When I arrived at my house, I saw Emily sleeping on the couch. I looked at my watch. It was 11.00 p.m. The television was turned on and I found that Emily fell asleep while she was watching our wedding video. I walked towards Emily. Then, I said gently, "Emily, I know that you are disappointed with me. But I want you to know that I had been busy these few days. Starting from tonight, I will spend my whole time with you. I am very sorry Emily. I love you very much." Suddenly, she spoke "Why did you leave me, Peter?"

          I was shocked. Then I said, "I did not....." I could not finish my sentence because i felt a searing pain just below my ribs. I touched the spot. When i looked at my palm, I saw blood. I looked down and saw blood all over my shirt. "What's going on?" I said to myself. Suddenly, some clear images got into my mind. I remembered what Dennis said, "I can see ghosts. They walk around like normal people but they don't know that they are dead and they can only see what they want to see." Then I remembered Jack, the gunshot and the incident that I thought was a dream. It was real. It was never a dream. No wonder Emily didn't talk to me at the restaurant. I was never on her sight. I could not accept the fact that I had died. But i have to. I hoped that Emily could hear my voice, see me and I hoped that I could be together with Emily again. But my hopes were just like building castles in the air. I am sure that Emily would find a much better man that would take care of her. Before I left the house, I whispered to Emily's ear "Goodbye Emily, I love you." Suddenly, tears started to roll down her cheeks. I couldn't stand it. Tears were in my eyes. I walked to the door slowly and exit the house. Before I closed the door, I took a last peep on Emily. Then, I closed the door slowly and left the house, forever.